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About Us !

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Our website is specialized in everything related to social media and e-marketing


Tarek Shop website was established in 2019 and today it has become one of the most important and largest websites in the Middle East in the field of selling and increasing followers, if not the largest.

And all the credit goes to the customers who put their trust in us based on the distinguished and smooth dealings from our side with all site inquiries, especially requests and follow-up after purchase.


If, for example, you want to increase your visibility on all social networking sites: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat .... etc., our site is the solution.

It provides you with all the services that you may need from: increasing followers, increasing likes, increasing views and many more.

As for security, all the information you put here is not seen by anyone but you in terms of account information, orders, payments, our degree of security is 100% and you can trust us in this regard completely.


As for payment, we provide here almost all payment methods, which are available with almost all customers, and you can always inquire about any other method by writing to us from the technical support department after logging in.

Finally, for any new customer who could not understand the mechanism of the site from registration to placing the order, he can check this page, where the mechanism for using the site has been fully explained from scratch, page: How to use

Team - Tarek Shop

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